2015 GMC Small Canyon Pickup Release Date

2015 GMC Small Canyon

One of the cars that buyers may be looking to purchase in the coming year is the 2015 GMC Canyon small Pickup Truck. This is a truck that may be one of the top trucks purchased in 2015.Release date the GMC Small Canyon pickup will be available in fall 2014. Price has not been announced yet, but it may be in the 17,000 dollar range. It is similar to the 2015 Chevolet Colorado. The Canyon will be available in crew cab and extended cab features. It is GMC’s answer to the Chevrolet Pickup and has some Great features.

2015 GMC Small Canyon exterior.

2015 GMC Small Canyon Pickup Interior

Handling and Features more capable and versatile than any other trucks of its type on the market. The interior is precisely crafted and quiet and comfortable and designed to the highest standards.Interior crafted and extremely comfortable interior, It has dual seat foam ta can make the individual comfortable during long rides. It also features increased head room. Great trim made of aluminium.

2015 GMC Small Canyon interior.

Quiet Cabin

One of the really special and unique things about this truck is the quietness of the cabin. The 2015 GMC Small Canyon small pickup can allow the individual to take advantage of great inlaid door design and sound deadening liquid to make sure that you have the quiet that you need in your pickup. The quietness of the cabin is unprecedented.


3 bar grillpower dome hood for customer convenience
+square wheel arches give the vehicle the look of the Sierrra.
+cargo box available and intricate styling great lamps and lighting lower tailgate for easy access to cargo box.
TechnologyGreat comfort and convenience,the 2015 GMC Small Canyon will feature huge console in the center o the vehicle it will also have as many as 4 USB ports along with a 12 volt charging outlet. These are some of the usual features found in the vehicle.

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Not only does the pick up truck feature comfort and efficiency. It features some of the following Specs in the vehicle
+a 2.5 1 liter engine
+ 3.6 liter v 6 engine
+Timing of the valves is variable.


Innovative technology that offer voice on demand color screen that is customizable media libraries that offer easy access. A device for hands free calling An internet radio device which uses Pandora.
All these features and more make the 2015 GMC Small Canyon Pick up one of the vehicles to strongly consider purchasing. This is one quality vehicle from GMC, and has performance and features that are state of the art. Those looking for a small to medium sized pick up should consider.

Also you can watch this video.

For more information visit Edmunds.

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